The M4U-TW1 is PSB's first foray into the wildly popular wireless ear bud market. The TW1, which sits on top of your ears, supports Bluetooth v4.1 (A2DP and AVRCP profiles) and features a massive sealed, dynamic, 6mm transducer with a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz. All this sounds great but does it add up to a better sounding headphone? Read on to find out.

Powering on and Pairing

Powering on and pairing can be somewhat cumbersome. First, press the power button on the M4U TW1-L for five seconds and release. The LED indicator will quickly blink red and blue when ready for pairing. Open the Bluetooth settings on your device and turn on Bluetooth. Select the PSB M4U TW1-L from your Bluetooth settings. The LED indicator on the earphone will turn solid blue when paired. Finally, turn on the M4U TW1-R earphone by holding down the power button for three seconds. The left and right earphones will now automatically sync to one another. Note: The next time the earphones are turned on, they will re-pair and automatically reconnect to the most recent device, if it is in range. Make sure to turn on the M4U TW1-L first (hold for three seconds). Then turn on the M4U TW1-R (hold for three seconds).

Touch Controls

Both ear buds feature a touch control interface that allows you to accept and reject calls, pause playback of music, and skip forward and backward. To answer a phone call, tap the touch button on either ear bud. Tap again to end the call. To reject a phone call, press and hold the touch button on either ear bud until an audio prompt is heard. When connected to a device, double tap either touch button. To pause playback, double tap the either touch button. To skip back a song, press and hold the left earphone touch button until the previous song starts. To skip forward a song, press and hold the right earphone touch button until the next song starts. To activate the voice assistant on your device, press and hold either touch button for five seconds.

Battery Life

The manual says that you can listen to music for roughly 4.5 hours on a single charge and that seems to be correct. Doing nothing but talking will net you a total of five hours. When the batteries are running low the M4U TW1 will alert you with an audible warning. This warning will repeat every five minutes until the earphones are charged, or the battery runs out. Charging the batteries requires the use of a funky, proprietary cable that connects to both ear buds at the same time. Lose this cable and you'll be forced to charge each ear bud individually with a different cable. I wish PSB had taken the time to come up with a different, more convenient charging mechanism. It takes approximately two hours to recharge the batteries from a fully depleted state.


PSB includes several silicon ear tips with the M4U TW1. Unfortunately, none of the included tips fit and I was forced to use third party, 3mm foam tips. Not a bad thing overall as I prefer the superior sound isolation that foam tips provide. I'm also happy to report that the M4U TW1 doesn't suffer from the dreaded audio/video sync delay that plagues so many other wireless ear buds. I attribute this to the advanced A2DP wireless audio technology that these ear buds use. A2DP provides fast and seamlessly pairing with any device, and delivers extended range, fewer drop-outs, and better battery life. I was able to easily pair the TW1 to all of my devices, but I could only be connected to one device at a time. Bose has the TW1 beat in this regard. However, the TW1 trumps the Bose in the sound quality department.


First, the good news, the bass on the TW1 is very much present and alive. It's a nice, punchy bass too. Not bloated or overpowering at all. The highs are also nice in that there's little to no sparkle to eventually give you a headache or give you that general fatigued feeling. The bad news is in the mid-range. The TW1 has a slightly recessed mid-range which tends to color the sound in a murky, veiled kind of way. Thankfully, bumping up the mid-range via EQ fixes this issue. Overall, I find the sound quality of the TW1 to be better than the wireless offerings from Bose, Sony, and B&O.


PSB's first attempt at a totally wireless ear buds isn't without faults. It's difficult at times to pair and the mid-range is somewhat murky. However, that being said, it's still one of the best sounding wireless ear buds that you're going to find. I'm giving the TW1 a solid 8 1/2 stars out of 10. Check out the TW1 over at PSB's website or on Amazon.

– Patrick

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