Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

First off, these are full-size circumaural headphones that fit completely around your ears. The ear cups are covered with memory foam ear cushions that do an admirable job of isolating noise. It doesn't quite provide noise cancelling isolation but it's pretty darn close! The headphones themselves feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity, call, audio track, and volume controls, a backup AUX cable with Microphone and remote, and a bass slider on one of the ear cups that allows you to adjust to amount of brain-rattling bass to your individual tastes. Stereo Haptic bass modules buried in each ear cup are what's responsible for the enhanced, skull-thumping bass. My wife, a self-professed bass head loves these cans. In fact, she can't stop saying enough good things about them. Myself, well, I'm more of a Bowers and Wilkins kind of guy. Still, these cans had me intrigued. I decided that I couldn't do a proper review without testing them myself.

Placing the bass slider all the way down resulted in sound that I found to be heavy on the bass. Surprisingly, all that bass wasn't able to wash out the midrange or the highs. They're still there, they're just a wee bit muffled by all that bass. Turning the bass enhancer up even a little muddied the sound far too much for my tastes. However, enabling Treble Booster in iTunes went a long way towards evening things out. Finally, I turned off the wireless and connected the Crushers to my Apogee Groove AMP/DAC which dramatically improved the overall sound considerably. Sure, the sound was still bass heavy, but the Groove really mellowed it out and brought out the mid-range and highs.

If you're a bass head, these are the headphones for you. If you're a bass head who wants a little clarity then these are for you too! Skip the Beats folks and grab a pair of these head-stomping Crushers!

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– Patrick

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