Sky Audio Acrolink 6N OCC Cable

Sky Audio Acrolink 6N OCC Cable

I don't normally review cables as I don't often have a need for them let alone access to them. However, in the case of Sky Audio's custom OCC silver-plated cable, I made an exception. Sky Audio is a small, one man shop located in the West Midlands, England and run by Reece Davies. What's so special about Sky Audio? I'm glad you asked. They sell custom, hand-made (yes, all of them) cables using some of the best materials around. If that weren't enough, the prices are actually reasonable and not insane like most other bespoke dealers.

Recently, I found myself in need of a new cable for a pair of AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon headphones. I'm not sure what the deal is with stock cables these days but they all seem to be either too short, too long, too thick, or too thin. None of them are "just right." In the case of the NightOwl Carbon the cable was too short and ridiculously, impracticality thick. I started my search for a new cable on Amazon and soon found myself shaking my head over the prices. I like to consider myself a reasonable Audiophile. Meaning, I'm not spending three-hundred dollars on a cable. Next, I did a DuckDuckGo search and found some decent looking cables on eBay. A wee bit more investigation and I had narrowed it down to the offerings from Sky Audio.

I have to admit that what originally attracted me to Sky Audio's cables were  the price and the looks. However, after digging deeper, I discovered hand-made cables crafted from audiophile-grade materials and sold for a fair price. Sky Audio (as of this writing) offers cables made from two different types of conductor material: Acrolink 6N OCC silver-plated and Van Damme Starquad. Both materials sport a bare, silver-plated, ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper wire. The main difference between the two being the number of strands per core and the overall diameter of cable. Heck, you can even specify what colors you want! I agonized over the options for a bit, placed my order, and settled in for the annoyingly long wait that typically accompanies anything shipped from England to the United States. Surprisingly, the package and its contents arrived unscathed within a week. Color me impressed so far.

For this particular cable I had gone with Sky Audio's four core Acrolink 6N OCC option with a heat-shrunk splitter, a sliver 3.5/6.35mm combo terminator, and cables swathed in midnight black and neon orange. I wanted something that would stand out at the bottom of my bag. I got it. The first thing that struck me was the overall quality of the cable. This isn't some thin, mass produced, rubber-coated cable that you'd buy on Amazon or at Best Buy. No, this thing is instantly, without-a-doubt in the world, recognizable as a quality, hand-crafted item. Everything, from the four core, Litz-style braiding to the splitter and terminator all scream old-world, bespoke quality. Fine. Fine. What about the sound, you ask.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have a ton of experience reviewing cables. However, with that firmly in mind, I found the audio quality of Sky Audio's custom cable to be just as good as AudioQuest's stock cable and maybe, just maybe, even a little bit better. AudioQuest makes some of the most highly regarded cables in the old, so running across a hand-crafted cable that seemingly matches them in sound and material quality is quite extraordinary. AudioQuest's NightOwl cans are overly mid-forward to start with, so determining the Acrolink's ability to render highs is somewhat difficult. However, I have no doubts about this cable's ability to handle highs like a champ. The midrange comes across smooth and clear, if not forward, and the bass (being very much present), is tight and controlled. Like I said earlier, this cable sounds just as good as the stock cable, only cooler looking and less annoying.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with Sky Audio's offerings. The proprietor, Reece Davies, comes across as a genuinely likable person who seems to take the task of producing fantastic sounding, hand-crafted audio cables very seriously. I highly encourage anyone looking to replace their stock cable to get on eBay and check out what Sky Audio has to offer. You won't be disappointed.

– Patrick

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