Wyze Wireless Headphones

It's absolutely mind-boggling how many features Wyze has managed to pack into these headphones for only $59.99.

Wyze Wireless Headphones

Mini Review and Specifications

About Wyze

Wyze, for those of you that are unaware, is a small company based in Kirkland, WA that was founded by a former Amazon engineer and is staffed with plenty of former Amazon employees. Wyze's claim to fame if super high-quality products at a fair price. They started out selling webcams for $20 a pop on Amazon and quickly moved to designing and producing everything from these wireless headphones to a LIDAR-equipped robot vacuum. The amazing thing is that they continue to hit it out of the park with each product release. These ANC headphones being no exception to the rule.

Wyze Wireless Headphones


It's absolutely mind-boggling how many features Wyze has managed to pack into these headphones for only $59.99. You could forgive them for leaving out things like auto pause, quick conversation mode, and transparency mode in order to save a few dollars here and there, but they didn't, and that's the amazing thing. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there's no way you're going to find another pair of wireless headphones with this many features for what they're asking. Some of the things your $60 get you are:

  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation.
  • 40dB of noise reduction to put the outside world on mute.
  • 2 feedback microphones and 2 feed-forward microphones.
  • Transparency Mode.
  • Quick Conversation Mode.
  • Auto Pause.
  • Touch Controls.
  • Dedicated Control Buttons.
  • 20-Hour Battery Life.
  • 10 Minute Quick Charge (10 minutes = 4 hours).
  • Alexa Built-in.
  • Bluetooth 5.0.

What's In the Box?

In the box you'll find a pair of Wyze Headphones, a USB Type-C charging cable, a nice carrying pouch/bag, a two foot 3.5mm audio cable, and a quick start guide. Nothing but the basics here and that's just fine. You can't expect fabric-covered audio cables and hard shell cases along with all the other tech for only $60. I'd say Wyze did a fair job of striking a nice balance regarding what's needed and what we would consider extras.

Bluetooth and Speaker Driver Specs

These headphones use the Bluetooth 5.0 spec, fit comfortably over your ears, support the SBC and AAC codecs, and can maintain connections to two devices at the same time. Inside you'll find a pair of 32 Ohm, 40mm dynamic, Neodymium drivers that deliver 20 - 20,000 Hz over wireless and 20 - 38,000 Hz over the line-in port. As you can see there's a slight improvement to the sound quality when used wired verses wirelessly.

Battery and Microphone Specs

The headphones uses a 1,000 mAh DC 3.7V Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and charges via your standard USB Type-C port. That 1,00 may battery will net you a massive 20 hours of playback time with high-noise cancellation enabled. Charging them from depleted takes around two hours. Don't want to wait that long? A quick charge of ten minutes yields four hours of playback time. Wyze decided to use no less than six microphones to capture input: four for active noise cancellation and two for voice pickup. The voice microphones have the following specs:  -32 dB at 1kHz sensitivity, omnidirectional, a frequency response of 50 - 10,000 Hz, 74 SNR, and 2.2 Ohm impedance.

Control Input Specs

Along the bottom of both ear cups you'll find a plethora of input controls. The power and Bluetooth button turns the headphones on and off with a single press and enters pairing mode after holding it for two seconds. A single press of the noise cancellation button switches between noise cancellation modes. Volume is controlled via dedicated plus and minus buttons that surround a play/pause button. Music playback can be controlled by pressing the play/pause button. You can also double-press this same button to skip forward and triple-press to skip backward.

Calls are controlled via a single press to start/end button. Press and hold to reject a call. The headphones support the Alexa voice assistant and she can be activated by pressing and holding the voice assistant button. Finally, controls are rounded out with a rather versatile touch-pad on the side of the right ear cup. Double-tap to activate the Alexa, or mute and un-mute calls. Covering the touch pad enables the Quick Conversation mode.

Sound Quality

I haven't had mine long enough to do a proper burn in of the drivers, but so far I'm impressed with the sound quality, especially when I take into account how much I paid for these headphones. The Wyze iOS/Andoid app comes with several pre-configured equalize settings and also allows you to customize the sound signature. I left the equalizer in flat mode, ran a few hours of pink noise through them, and then ran though my life of songs that typically make your average headphone cry like a baby.

With the equalizer set to flat or turned off the headphones produced a somewhat neutral sound. The highs were present and didn't produce any noticeable buzz. The low end was present as well, but didn't produce that visceral kick that some look for. Instead, it reproduced bass as expected. It's in the mid-range where things get a bit fuzzy. The mid-range frequencies are present but not all that clear. There's a sort of congested sound to them that I could not get away from. I was able to clear up this "dip" with a custom EQ profile, but I was somewhat disappointed that the 40mm drivers were unable to push those mid-range frequencies forward as much as I'd hoped they would.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying these are bad headphones. I'm not saying that at all. For the price that you pay you're getting a very well-rounded set of cans. However, as with most headphones on the market, they're not exactly perfect. Thankfully, that one minor imperfection can be fixed via the equalizer. I have no doubt that the Wyze engineers will fix the mid-range dip in v2.0. Overall, this is a very respectable entry by the Wyze team into what I would call a very crowded and fiercely competitive space.

Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Wyze Headphones
Wyze Noise-Cancelling Headphones

— Patrick

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